New Project: The Recruit

Fellow readers, I have an announcement to make. Lately, I have not been active as much as I had imagined I would. This is mainly because I moved to a place that is two hours away from civilization and I currently do not have free time as much as I did. I was thinking of... Continue Reading →

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It’s a Miss

All I need to do is stretch and throw my spear to the Moon, so that I find where I am headed in this life; in a way that emphasizes how important superstitions are no matter how hard we resist them, or no matter how preposterous, ridiculous, pointless throwing a spear to the Moon is... Continue Reading →

Poll: Your Favorite Arc?

Honorable Reader, To get inspired and know which arc has been your favorite, I have started a poll. Below are some of the arcs that have been started here, along with stories which I believe have potential. I also have a grand finale in my head for many of my stories, but that is not... Continue Reading →


[Recommended reading: Good Morning, Miracle, Public Enemy] The drug dealers have been kind enough to give me shelter in one of the containers that serve as their stash, on the condition that I do not touch anything, other than the dirty mattress which they have given me. Inside the container, my phone does not have... Continue Reading →

Bedtime Story: Milo

Milo was an insignificant detail in the big picture that was the city and its people. So insignificant that no one really thought Milo even had a name when he most certainly did. And the worst part was that Milo himself saw himself insignificant. His tiny heart was barely beating, after all, out of good... Continue Reading →

The Disappearing Act: Turtles

The little girl locked her buggy eyes into my glassy pair of visual aids embedded into my eyes. Her head was tilted and her face was lit up. “Then what happens?” I let a smirk form on the organic parts of my face. “That’s it. The story’s over.” “But it can’t be! Who wrote the... Continue Reading →

The Disappearing Act

It was a breezy Spring day and a rainbow was shining in all its glory. Lovers who had no work to do and probably a school to ditch had already taken their better half out to the famous Lovers’ Bridge in the town of Pinchrow. Two of them, Aurora and Michael, were actually just stepping... Continue Reading →

Public Enemy

No time to pack my rifle away. If I want to stay alive, I have to run. As I am just doing by rolling towards the ledge. I dangle my feet down and push myself towards the platform underneath, the one that once was my way up onto this rooftop. I spring towards the red... Continue Reading →

Panic Button

The first time I ever felt the urge to hit the panic button, I was five. We were at a birthday party of one of the kids in the neighborhood. It was all fun and games until Uncle Brett called me to his van for a “private party”. I remember reaching for the button strapped... Continue Reading →

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