Oh Goodie, I Have Finished a Screenplay!

Dear reader, I was experimenting with writing and before I knew it, my writing turned into a screenplay (again). I have been busy with it, and the first draft is over. I would need beta testers once I finish editing... Would you be interested? Regards, -W



There it is. The knife is peacefully sitting on the table before Julius. So, what is keeping him? The memories? Hardly believable. Actually, it is the memories that brought him all the way to the foyer, with a hunting knife wedged between his fist, to be placed in the middle of the small desk. Behind... Continue Reading →


[Recommended Reading: This story has references to many other stories on here. Read everything before this one for a bigger reveal.] I walk across the room, through a crowd swaying to the house music in a hypnotic trance while still trying to keep their moves low-profile. I stand before the bar counter, smirk at a... Continue Reading →

The Crowning

[Recommended Reading: Good Morning, Miracle] About a thousand faces lit up and turned towards the blank, black stage. It took that many people long enough to notice the cue cards that prompted them to applaud, process the order and applaud in a frenzy, as if their lives depended on it. A man walked to the... Continue Reading →

With Open Arms

In a dimly-lit room inside a mental institution, a faint and feminine voice cracked.“I know why you are here.”In her room, Jeanine had no one to respond. Hell, even her consciousness was barely in the room.Jeanine did not curl up on the bed. She did not tremble or groan in reluctance. She watched her imagination... Continue Reading →

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