I picked up my office phone and grunted into the receiver. “Yes?” “Mrs. Miles, the girls have-“ “Alright, Percy, send me four.” Percy paused. “There are… Seven of them.” “Percy, you’ve done it a million times. Pick the thinnest, the most hairless, the – the most innocent-looking, anything! Just send me four girls, Percy, I... Continue Reading →


"Are you sure you want to test it?" asked the rugged man with nothing but a greasy t-shirt, aging jeans and a pair of muddy boots. From the looks of it, the splatters on his boots could be anything from your usual dust and mud to blood. "I-I do," stuttered the nerd as he tilted... Continue Reading →

Good Morning, Miracle

Like many people, I knew better than relying solely on hunting and gathering in the modern era when we still had a vote against it. Like many people today, I do not have a choice anymore. They took away all the sense of security that was keeping us inside the Dome. They even deactivated the... Continue Reading →


4:02 in the morning. I check my watch before I pull the notebook towards my bed of straws on the wooden floor. The sound that whips my ears is nowhere near pleasant, but this beats waking up on a pile of dung, or with a monkey staring back at me. I take the pen out... Continue Reading →

The Monster

“This cannot be happening.” Say it louder. As if it is going to change anything. It is right there, unfolding before your eyes. And it will happen again. Again. Watch it. Smell the rotten flesh, the blood smeared on the walls. Own it, for you are the one waking up the monster. Now tell me.... Continue Reading →

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