When I was a kid, someone chose me. Indeed, I was born to a mother and a father. Not a mom and a dad. The latter were the ones who had picked me up, cleaned and powdered me, instead of feeding me to dogs. You know what they say - anyone could be a parent,... Continue Reading →


It’s a Miss

All I need to do is stretch and throw my spear to the Moon, so that I find where I am headed in this life; in a way that emphasizes how important superstitions are no matter how hard we resist them, or no matter how preposterous, ridiculous, pointless throwing a spear to the Moon is... Continue Reading →


[Recommended reading: Good Morning, Miracle] The drug dealers have been kind enough to give me shelter in one of the containers that serve as their stash, on the condition that I do not touch anything, other than the dirty mattress which they have given me. Inside the container, my phone does not have coverage. Outside,... Continue Reading →

Bedtime Story: Milo

Milo was an insignificant detail in the big picture that was the city and its people. So insignificant that no one really thought Milo even had a name when he most certainly did. And the worst part was that Milo himself saw himself insignificant. His tiny heart was barely beating, after all, out of good... Continue Reading →

Public Enemy

No time to pack my rifle away. If I want to stay alive, I have to run. As I am just doing by rolling towards the ledge. I dangle my feet down and push myself towards the platform underneath, the one that once was my way up onto this rooftop. I spring towards the red... Continue Reading →

Panic Button

The first time I ever felt the urge to hit the panic button, I was five. We were at a birthday party of one of the kids in the neighborhood. It was all fun and games until Uncle Brett called me to his van for a “private party”. I remember reaching for the button strapped... Continue Reading →


I picked up my office phone and grunted into the receiver. “Yes?” “Mrs. Miles, the girls have-“ “Alright, Percy, send me four.” Percy paused. “There are… Seven of them.” “Percy, you’ve done it a million times. Pick the thinnest, the most hairless, the – the most innocent-looking, anything! Just send me four girls, Percy, I... Continue Reading →

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