New Project: The Recruit

Fellow readers,

I have an announcement to make.

Lately, I have not been active as much as I had imagined I would. This is mainly because I moved to a place that is two hours away from civilization and I currently do not have free time as much as I did. I was thinking of posting things here as I commute, but one of the stories I was writing really appealed to me and well…

I am working on making that story into a novel. So, that is where my commuting time goes.

Yet, following these two weeks, I will hopefully have more time to write and post more flash-fiction on this website.

Follow the blog to stay updated on my progress. In time, I will share more about the plot. Yet, I believe that the name “The Recruit” would fit the story at this point.

Take care and be safe.


Image Credit: Oh… I need an image too… Right.

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