It’s a Miss

All I need to do is stretch and throw my spear to the Moon, so that I find where I am headed in this life; in a way that emphasizes how important superstitions are no matter how hard we resist them, or no matter how preposterous, ridiculous, pointless throwing a spear to the Moon is when you know that the crappy wooden spear with a feather on its back would never make it past the cage that is known as Miracle Klein’s Dome; an impenetrable defense system that is good for keeping us animals in; rather than letting us roam freely on the pieces of far away lands that once belonged to our ancestors while us animals still need some form of direction in life; as if that alone was not enough to give us a wake up call to work and get out of this Dome – still, here goes nothing…

It’s a miss.

Image Credit: Twisted-Chimera


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