Bedtime Story: Milo

Milo was an insignificant detail in the big picture that was the city and its people. So insignificant that no one really thought Milo even had a name when he most certainly did.

And the worst part was that Milo himself saw himself insignificant. His tiny heart was barely beating, after all, out of good luck. His fur was covered in droplets of mud and filth. Perks of living in the sewers.

Sure, he was slightly bigger than the white mice for which the scientists would pay good money. Hell, if he had been a white mouse, he would have joined the scientists already. He never got the white mice who were running away from the catchers whenever they raided the sewers… In fact, he always tried to be in the spotlight when they came, and yet nobody even cared about poor Milo the rat.

Milo also knew that above him there was a world for which he was, simply, too small. He sometimes went up to the Overworld, saw the sounds, smelled the tastes and had to stay alive until he went back to the sanctuary, hooked. He loved how real life must have felt.

So, it was a constant struggle for Milo. Either becoming a white mouse or becoming large enough for the Overworld to notice him.

And Milo’s choice was the option any rat slightly smarter than average would have picked in a heartbeat. In fact, he was so devoted to it that every night he would climb all the way up to the Overworld, slide through a slightly open sewer lid, climb on top of someone’s car and look up to the sky, only to see a shooting star, for he knew he could wish upon one. “Make my wishes come true,” thought Milo, whenever he looked up, but for ten days he had not seen a single shooting star.

Day Eleven. “Make my wishes come true.” That was all it took for Milo, before coming down from the car and taking a good look at himself. Still small. Still insignificant. Still a rat.

So, he went back to the sewers, where he could ever belong, with his small insignificant feet and hands. And went to sleep for eleven hours.

Eleven was never his lucky number. So he thought, until he woke up…

His hands were much bigger. His feet, too. And his fur was white.

His head was poking against the small cardboard in which he had been sleeping. He was, simply, too big for his tiny space.

“Oh no,” Milo gasped. Something felt way off.

He crawled out and reached the ladder that could take him back to the Overworld. A flashlight shone into his eyes. He tried to follow the light and track the source, but all he could ever hear was a scream.

“It’s a giant fucking mouse! Go back! Go back!”

Milo took a good look at his own body. Apparently, that was what was way off.

Indeed, he had become a giant fucking mouse.

All because of an error in his words.

Image Credit: ViLebedeva


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