Public Enemy

No time to pack my rifle away. If I want to stay alive, I have to run. As I am just doing by rolling towards the ledge. I dangle my feet down and push myself towards the platform underneath, the one that once was my way up onto this rooftop. I spring towards the red ladder that looks like the only object out of place in a world covered in white. Even my jumpsuit is white – being seen would be a risk when I was climbing up here to kill Miracle Klein.

I grab the ladder on both sides and climb down two steps before a tiny camera drone comes flying towards me, flashing into my eyes. “Locking.”

I loosen my grip and curl my legs away, increasing my speed. The iron bars rub against my barren hands. I bite my lower lip and continue along as the camera follows me. “Locked on target.”

My legs touch down onto a lower rooftop. I make a run towards the ledge where a truck was parked – I hope it is still there. I cannot look back. The camera is still following me. The city defense system has been locked on me.

I jump down, roll off the top of the truck and make a run for the white motorbike that I have parked near the alleyway. As I hop onto it, the road blockers rise before me. I manage to slide through an opening between the upright bars. I make a turn towards the main street. The moment I reach a roundabout, police sirens screech behind me.

“I’m so fucked,” I mumble. There is no way I could get out of this one alive. I can almost hear the police helicopter.

I take to the bridge and cross it, diving through a tunnel. That could buy me an opportunity to evade the chopper for a while. Though, what about the cops on my tail?

I raise my hand towards my ear and press the button on my earpiece. “Rico.”

“Still here,” Rico responds. “I see you on a lot of camera feeds, though.”

“Get me out of here,” I whizz. “Do anything.”

He chuckles. He sounds high as a kite. “I can’t. They know what you look like, man. You’re a priority.”

I speed up and get out of the tunnel. The light shines into my eyes.

“Even if I could, they’d find you soon.”

“I don’t care, just make me vanish for long enough!”

“Make you vanish…” He breathes out. “I think I have an idea. Take the third exit and go to the metro tunnel.”

“The metro tunnel?”

“I need you to ride with the carriage for two stops. Then, I’ll lead you to a truck. I can only delay the cops though,” He responds. “I am no magician.”

“I’m aware,” I grunt and follow his directions to land onto the subway tracks, right behind the carriage. The cops follow me down, but two of the bikers get crushed under the other one. I sigh in relief.

I ride for two stations and take a path that connects me back onto the city center. Some roadblocks rise to keep me from going, but I pass through them.

“The yellow Fizzy Power truck – do you see it?”

I take a look. I am not too far from it. “Yeah.”

“The box is open. Speed up and get in. They’re expecting you.”

I align myself behind the moving truck as the helicopter sounds increase in intensity. I hold my breath and speed up.

I slide through!

“Quick, close the doors!”

The two men that have pushed their bodies out of my way against the sides of the box press buttons simultaneously. As the lid raises up to close, I catch a glimpse of the bags of cocaine around me.

I breathe out. This has been easy.

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Image Credit: TitikAwalCreative


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